Women's (M) Low Tier Pre-Packed Box

Women's (M) Low Tier Pre-Packed Box

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Transparency: These items are cost-prohibitive for us to list due to our overhead (think payroll). There's nothing cosmetically wrong and everything is NWT.


  • Women's size M clothing
  • All NWT
  • 15"x15"x15" box filled with clothes
  • MSRP ranges from $10-$50
  • Resells for around $12-$20 per piece (check our Poshmark for proof @prettibone)

and of course, there's a 100% Money-Back Guarantee and FREE Shipping to the contiguous 48 States.

The Fine Print:

* Please excuse our lack of folding, we’re trying to fit a much as we can in every nook and cranny of the box.

*Does not qualify for any discounts

* Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is $30 for this item