Item Condition Ratings

We rate every item that enters our facility and mark them with a rating that is based off of their condition. Everything else is rejected and donated to the public. The ratings are as follow:

NWT (New with tags): Items that look new with at least 1 original tag or retailer tag attached

NWOT (New without tags): Items that look new with no tags attached
GC (Great Condition): Items that are not new but are in great shape. If there are any blemishes under the GC rating, they will be noted.

You will find these ratings (i.e., NWT, NWOT and GC) on every item description on our website.

Our Quality Process

There are 5 touchpoints in our process when it comes to our products. Every team member is trained to take advantage of all 5 points to make sure we're being as thorough as possible when it comes to blemishes. If there are any, they will be noted in the item.

The 5 Touchpoints


Of course some things will slip past us here and there; we're only human! In the event this happens, please simply reach out to us and we'll make it right.

The Mama Standard

We do not post anything that is in a condition where we would feel uncomfortable gifting to our own mamas. Lavender is not where we get rid of anything and everything. Items that fall below the Mama Standard is donated to our local S.O.N Food and Clothing Ministry.