First and foremost, we HIGHLY suggest you make an account first to make your checkout process faster. Traffic on Lavender will be high and we expect things to move fast. 

What is Valet and how do I get a Valet discount code?
- You can learn more about Valet here. All Valet Clients will receive the discount code.

If I have an account on Prettibone.com do you need to make an account on Lavender too?
- Yes, Prettibone.com and LavenderbyPrettibone.com are 2 different websites.

If an item is in my cart, can someone else purchase it?
- Due to the high traffic of Lavender, items will still be available for others until you start the checkout process. This is a rule implemented by our E-Commerce platform provider so no store can be "hijacked". Hijacking happens when someone is adding items to their cart with no intent of buying the items. If items were to be reserved at the "Cart" stage, nobody else would be able to purchase the items they have in their cart. Only when the customer moves to "Checkout" is when the items are reserved for them. Even at the checkout state, the customer will only have 5 minutes to checkout.

How often are products added?
- Everyday

How long is my cart saved for?
- 14 days, however, others can still order items in your cart if you are not in the checkout process.

Are there any discount codes?
- The only discount code available at this time is for our Valet Clients (10%). We will email every Valet Client the discount code prior to launch. If you're a Valet Client and don't have a discount code, please email us. Please note that when a Valet discount code is used, the name on the order will be checked against our list of Valet Clients.
- We also do not provide discounts for bulk purchases.

What if I need to do a refund or exchange?
- Please click here.

Why are some of your items not priced for reselling?
- Lavender was made for both end-users AND resellers. This means we do not price based on what someone else can sell our products for; we price based on what we feel is fair. If you do happen to feel that you can make a profit off any of our items, feel free to do so.